Sonoma State University site and stormweather class.
"You opened my eyes to a whole other world. I have found a great passion for this work. Thanks for keeping it fresh." - Jessie A.

"Thank YOU so much for a wonderful class and further opening my eyes to the great possibilities before me." - Chris J.

"Thanks John! You are an amazing teacher and I learned so much from the class." - Misty M.

LEED AP, CGBP, Green Point Rater
BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional
Green Building Consultant/Instructor/Trainer

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From course and curriculum development to classroom teaching, to hands-on green collar training, Mr. Shurtz can help you put together or run your program or class.

Subjects include

The Sustainable Built Environment - Building using appropriate technology so that resources are available for future generations to live healthy, comfortable lives.  This covers everything from site selection, building orientation and passive solar design, ecological stormwater design, water conservation, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, resource conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle and rapidly renewable resources), and healthy indoor environments.

Roots of Success - "Roots of Success" is an empowering and comprehensive environmental literacy and professional development curriculum composed of ten modules that are designed to help social entrepreneurs from under-served communities take on society's pressing environmental problems, identify innovative and sustainable solutions, and put their ideas into practice. (

Building Science & Building Performance
The science of building energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings.  Scientific testing for air infiltration, thermal bridging and carbon monoxide due to improper burning of combustion appliances, using tools such as blower doors, duct blasters and infrared cameras to guarantee an efficient, safe and comfortable home.

WeatherizationCreating a thermal boundary with proper insulation and air barriers is the main focus in weatherizing a building. 

Carpentry - Foundation to finish, and always, “Safety First.”

Bilingual (English & Spanish)                                                                                       


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John Shurtz teaching carpentry at San Francisco Conservation Corps.
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