"... knows how to solve inevitable problems inherent in remodeling ... integrity, commitment to quality and service, and ease to work with” - Patrick O’Heffernan, San Anselmo, CA
LEED AP, CGBP, Green Point Rater
BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional
Green Building Consultant/Instructor/Trainer

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“John is truly a green builder. Long before there was any green bandwagon to jump on, John has been building green because it is the right thing to do.” -  Bruce King, Structural Engineer & Director, Ecological Building Network, San Rafael, CA

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"Thanks again for the AWESOME training. I've received so many compliments and look forward to talking with you in a couple of week. Let me know if you have any questions." - Troy Henry, Associate Director of Field Operations and Training, San Francisco Conservation Corps

* * *

“[John's] competence and sense of ownership in the projects he undertakes brings a strong sense of positive trust to the client and increases the overall sense of project success." - Kay Wernert, Director, Marin Head Start, Novato, CA

REFERENCES include many colleagues in the areas of green building, as well as community leaders, educators, clients and former students.    

  • Bruce King, Ecological Building Network, San Rafael, CA
  • David Johnston, What’s Working, Boulder, CO
  • Marc Richmond, Practicum Consulting, Austin, Texas
  • Troy Henry, San Francisco Conservation Corps
  • Alex Hinds, Director, SSU Center for Sustainable Communities, Sonoma, CA   
  • Eric Shanks, Program Director, Cypress Mandela Training Center, Oakland, CA
  • Christi Graham, Executive Director, West Coast Green, San Francisco, CA
  • Andrew Marshall, Board member, Community Action Marin, San Rafael, CA
  • Carol Misseldine, Director, Sustainable Cities of California, Mill Valley, CA
  • Kevin Beck, Lead Trainer, Build It Green, Oakland, CA
  • Dr. Elnora Webb, President, Laney College, Oakland, CA
  • Peter Waring, BPI Instructor, Laney College, Oakland, CA
  • Nancy Boyce, Executive Director, Marin Link, San Rafael, CA
  • Stuart Brumbaugh, Electrix, San Rafael, CA

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